Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine

Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine

Buffalo Deluxe is another in the wildly successful Buffalo slots series from leading slot maker Aristocrat. What makes Buffalo Deluxe stand out from the other versions is the free games option, where you can choose from 3 different options, either going with more free spins or higher multipliers.

If you're looking for a bigger score, then the higher multiplier is the way to go, although choosing a lower one and getting more spins isn't a terrible strategy by any means. I do think that most slot players get more excited with the chance to win bigger payouts though so this is going to make sense to choose in a lot of cases.

Buffalo Deluxe does share a lot of things with the other Buffalo slot games though, and the sheer popularity of this theme over the years tells you that Aristocrat has certainly come up with a winning combination, which they have expanded on and really milked with the further different variations they have come up with, including Buffalo Deluxe.

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Buffalo Deluxe, and all of the Buffalo slot games, are enjoyable in themselves to play, but the best thing about them, and the thing that is probably behind a lot of their success, is the very nice balance that is achieved between the small and big wins.

Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine bonus

When a slot focuses too much on the smaller wins, that can be on the boring side, and if there is too much focus on the bigger wins, that can be on the frustrating side, so getting this right is a real key in keeping players playing a slot, and Aristocrat really has scored a nice mix with this slot game.

Without a doubt, the big excitement is in the bonus rounds, particularly with Buffalo Deluxe, where in this case players get free spins to see how much money they can rack up, with the multipliers of their choosing in play. This is why, when you see people bring their phones to the casinos and capture their play on video, it's pretty much always in this bonus round, because that's where the fun and the big wins really happen with this game.

So with Buffalo Deluxe, you not only get a chance to choose a 2x or 3x multiplier, you also can go with 5x, and it's hard to imagine a player not wanting the 5x because of the larger payouts, although mathematically it is probably pretty even between the choices.

As the free spin round progresses, you can add to your chances by winning more free spins along the way, and this does enhance the bonus round quite a bit more than if it were just the 9 free spins and it's over for example.

This is a 4x5 reel game, with the usual Buffalo themed symbols, the card values, the wildlife symbols, and of course, the Buffalo, which is the symbol with the highest value and the one you really want to see show up in numbers on the screen. In case you aren't paying enough attention, among the sound effects of this game, you will hear a cry of "Buffalo" whenever you hit a significant win.

What makes the Buffalo symbol unique though is that it's a stacked symbol, meaning that the more buffalo's you see, the better it is for you, regardless of where they are, and this of course increases your chances of winning, and winning big.

The background sound effects in general in this game aren't the best in my mind anyway, unless you fancy traveling back to an Old West bar I guess, which many players may actually like, but while this may not add much to the excitement of the game, it's plenty exciting in spite of all of this, and does at least fit the theme well.

Buffalo Deluxe also uses Aristocrat's Xtra Reel Power, which gives you 1024 ways to win, and that has been a big part of Aristrocrat's success with its slot machines with this feature, because it gives the players so many more ways to win than the standard format, and as long as the symbols move left to right, you win, without having to worry about lining them up.

Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine bonus

This is a penny slot game where players can play for as low as they wish, for a penny per reel if they want, or higher, depending on how much they want to spend, up to $2 per reel. This makes the game completely accessible to all players regardless of bankroll.

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Free spins are governed by scatter coins, and the more coins you get, the more free spins you can earn. The wild card in this game is the sunset card, which also denotes the multiplier in the bonus round, which is announced with a fitting Wild West sounding sound effect.

Overall, this is slot machine with a very good history that still remains popular, even though it's not really being actively promoted and isn't the latest and greatest even in the Buffalo series anymore. While Buffalo Stampede may be snazzier, with better visual and sound effects in addition to some extra features,an the Original Buffalo Slot Machine will always be a fan fovorite, Buffalo Deluxe has certainly retained a lot of fans and remains one of the more popular slot variations today.